Come Visit the EcoCenter

The EcoCenter is a nature center and community resource open to the public in the Palo Alto Baylands. The historic Birge Clark-designed “paddlewheel boat” building has come back to life as the home of the Environmental Volunteers, where visitors of all ages can gather to learn about and be inspired by nature. The building was remodeled using innovative, eco-friendly technologies and techniques.

The EcoCenter offers free environmental education through public learning programs, events, a digital touchscreen science exhibit, green building tour, and more. Visit the EcoCenter and experience nature learning up-close and hands-on.

EcoCenter Hours
Saturday and Sunday:
Monday, Thursday and Friday:
................11:00am - 1:30pm

Need a peaceful nature break?
Check out what’s happening in the EcoCenter Marsh on our live Marsh Cam.

Teach a Love of Nature! Volunteer with us!

There is still time to get involved?
Our volunteer training series continues with the Explorations in Ecology series on Thursday, August 27 starting at 9:00 AM in our South Bay Office location.

You can still register for this EcoCenter series online or by contacting our Volunteer Coordinator, Nikki Rowe, at or by calling her at 408-244-2449 ext. 102.

For more information about EV volunteering click here.

Art Gallery Installation
Bayland Paintings by Bob Schick and Friends

The EcoCenter Art Gallery welcomes a group show curated by Bob Schick featuring both his work and those of his students beginning Saturday, May 30 through Friday, August 28.

Bob, who teaches art both privately and at the Community School for Music and Art (CSMA), has been seeking inspiration in the Baylands since the 1980's. His works capture the unusual colors that the ocean salt produces in the mud and plant life exposed to it. He uses the languages of color, design and craftmanship to encapsulate the cycles of the tides and of the seasons onto canvas and paper.
Featured in this show are four landscape painting students who have studied with Bob. Their paintings reflect the peace and beauty of the Baylands found along trails and pathways surrounding the marsh and literally steps away from some of the busiest parts of Silicon Valley.

As always, the artists donate 25% of their sales to supporting the Environmental Volunteers.

Give the Gift of Nature Learning: Donate to the Environmental Volunteers

The EV's hands-on science and nature learning programs are reaching new audiences in local schools, on field trips, at our fun summer camp, and at the newly restored EcoCenter.

We couldn't do it without you. Donate now and give the gift of nature learning to the community now and for years to come. You can help the EV bring science and nature learning to children, families, and adults. Give today.

Fun Nature Facts

Did You Know? Large schools of sardines on exhibit tend to swim against the current during the day, but turn around to conserve energy at night when not feeding. If you have any fun facts to share with the EV community, email or post it on our Facebook page.

Photo Credits:

EcoCenter: Nicolas Prade
Give the Gift of Nature Learning: Nicolas Prade
Junior Naturalist Program: Rebecca Geraldi